Restoring health and extending life by stopping undesirable flow in vessels anywhere in the body.

Funded by NIH and published
in high impact journals.
Clinically validated in small
and large animal models.

Stopping Internal Bleeding. Save Lives.


Uncontrolled bleeding due to vascular injury or aneurysm rupture is associated with high mortality rate. The treatment in most clinical scenarios is transcatheter embolization, which is the intentional endovascular occlusion of an artery or vein. Current embolization devices have significant limitations.



What is Wrong with Today's Solutions?


Reinventing Embolization


Shear-thinning biomaterial technology offers unique properties enabling a solid polymer to be easily delivered directly through catheters into the blood vessel. When a force above a certain threshold is applied to inject the material, it “thins” and behaves as a semi-solid, allowing it to readily flow through the catheter. When the force is removed, the material instantly becomes a soft solid with significant cohesive properties that prevent it from dislodging or breaking up. Upon injection, the material forms a solid cast of the vessel and immediately halts blood flow without relying on precipitation, polymerization, or the patient’s ability to coagulate.


Immediate and Permantent Occlusion
Universal Solution
Off-the-Shelf Ready and Cost-Effective
Produces No Imaging Artifacts
Ehsan Jabbarzadeh, PhD, MBA
Founder and
Chief Executive Officer
Ali Khademhosseini, PhD
Founder and
Scientific Board Member
Rahmi Oklu, MD, PhD
Founder and
Chief Medical Officer

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